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Representative Shelia Stubbs: “Kelda Roys is a progressive trailblazer who fights for social justice and racial equity. Kelda will be a strong and unwavering voice for our community in the senate, because her track record proves that she is a true progressive leader and effective change maker.”

Representative Lisa Subeck: “In this seat, we need an experienced legislator. Kelda has the skills and dedication to hit the ground running and deliver what our constituents deserve. I know her passion and progressive values, but it’s her abilities and record that make her the best person to succeed Sen. Risser.”

Representative Dianne Conway Hesselbein: “Kelda is exactly the leader we need in the State Senate right now. She’s been fighting for working families, for women’s rights, for the environment, her whole career — and she has the legislative experience to get things done for Wisconsinites.”

Representative Spencer Black*: “For voters who care about protecting our environment, Kelda Roys is the best choice for state senate. Having served in the state assembly with Kelda, I know she combines a strong commitment to protecting our outdoors and fighting climate change with the ability to be an effective legislator who can make progress on these important issues.”

Senator LaTonya Johnson: “I’m so excited to endorse Kelda for Senate. She walks the walk on making progressive change for Wisconsin. I know that Kelda will be the most effective and energetic Senator for the 26th District because she brings her knowledge, passion, and experience to her activism every single day.”

Senator Lena Taylor: “Kelda is a champion and a fighter for the people. As a colleague, I know how hard she works. I know her fight, I know her intellectual capital, I have watched her over the years have courage to do what is right, when others would not. She’d make a great senator and would inspire so many. We need her passion and experience in the State Senate. I enthusiastically support Kelda Roys for Senate!”

Rep. Jimmy Anderson: “Kelda is the progressive leader the 26th Senate District needs. She will never stop fighting for her constituents and for the people of Wisconsin, especially when it comes to our schools, our environment, and our healthcare. I trust Kelda wholeheartedly and so should you!”

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk*: “Kelda is smart, hard working, and value-driven. I saw firsthand how dedicated she was in serving her constituents in the State Assembly. She built coalitions to get things done as an advocate, attorney, and legislator. She’s an enthusiastic campaigner, which we will need to build Democratic power in the state legislature. As my State Senator, I know she will fight for our shared values.”

Madison Alder Sheri Carter: “Kelda is an experienced legislator and caring community leader. She is passionate about affordable and fair housing, and economic and racial justice. I’m proud to support her as our next State Senator.”

Madison Alder Arvina Martin: “I’m supporting Kelda because she is driven, has the experience we need, and does her homework. She will be an advocate for us on any issue that we face. Part of her homework is asking questions, and actually listening to what people have to say. She will fight for us — and has — on all the issues that matter.”

Madison Alder Keith Furman: “I’m excited to support Kelda to be our next senator. She has the experience and focus necessary to be a strong advocate for our district. Her progressive values are exactly what we need at the capitol.”

Madison Alder Amanda Hall*: “Kelda is the sort of person who gets up 5 times a night to nurse her newborn while running for governor and representing her legal and real estate clients, and that is the kind of force of nature I want in the capitol.”

Madison Alder Matt Phair*: “Kelda is the exact type of person I want to represent us in the Senate. She is a pragmatic progressive who has a history of fighting for the values we hold dear and experience bringing different interests together to achieve results. In this time of uncertainty, our community is yearning for a principled leader who can get things done. Kelda is that person!”

Madison Alder Denise DeMarb*: “I’m thrilled to support Kelda for State Senate. Kelda has vision for our future and the drive to see it through. Now more than ever a proven leader is needed in the Senate. At this time of uncertainty, Kelda gives me hope that we can solve our challenges.” 

Madison Alder Mark Clear*: “Kelda has the tenacious yet compassionate leadership style we need serving us in the legislature. She is ideally suited to carry Fred Risser’s legacy forward.” 

Madison Alder Chris Schmidt*: “It’s not enough to have progressive values – we need a state senator who will build effective coalitions and work tirelessly to elect a Democratic majority. I’ve seen Kelda in action and know she is by far the best candidate to bring the energy and skills we need to the Senate.”

Madison Alder Lauren Cnare*: “There is no one better than Kelda to represent us. She has varied and immediately applicable experience in our government and our community. She’s able to get right to work, leading on the issues that are important to me and my neighbors.” 

Dane Co. Supervisor Tim Kiefer: “Kelda is an intelligent, collaborative, and thoughtful leader. She was my State Representative and has always been responsive to her constituents. Kelda is the proven leader we need right now. I strongly endorse Kelda Roys for State Senate.” 

Rep. & Dane Co. Supv. Shelia Stubbs
State Assembly

Rep. Lisa Subeck
State Assembly

Rep. Dianne Conway Hesselbein
State Assembly

Rep. Spencer Black
State Assembly*

Kathleen Falk
Dane County Executive*

Joe Sensenbrenner
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Sen. LaTonya Johnson
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Sup. Matt  Veldran
Dane Co. Board

Ald. Arvina Martin
Madison Common Council

Ald. Keith Furman
Madison Common Council

Ald. Denise DeMarb
Madison Common Council President*

Ald. Mark Clear
Madison Common Council President*

Ald. Amanda Hall
Madison Common Council*

Ald. Matt Phair
Madison Common Council*

Ald. Chris Schmidt
Madison Common Council President*

Ald. Lauren Cnare
Madison Common Council President*

Ald. Julia Arata-Fratta
Fitchburg City Council

Ald. Emily Kuhn
Middleton City Council

Ald. Emily Rose Lindsey
Sun Prairie Common Council

Ald. Molly Grupe
Monona City Council

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Mayor of Glendale


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